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Info For Families

Info For Families

Information for Families and Friends

of Those Detained at Krome, BTC and Glades

How do I find out where my loved one is located?

Visit the ICE detainee locator website. You will need to enter their A# and country of birth. If you do not have these, you can also search by name and country of birth, but you may need to try a few variations on the spelling of their name.

We have found that, unfortunately, some people who are detained do not show up in the system. Also, it can take a day or two before ICE updates the locator after transferring people.

If you believe they are at Krome, Glades or BTC and they are not showing up in the locator, you may want to try searching for your friend or relative on Getting Out.

How can I contact my friend or relative at Krome, BTC or Glades?

Texting: All three facilities use the Getting Out app for texting, video calls, and deposits to phone and commissary. The app charges you $0.25 to reply to texts. At Glades, your relative or friend can text you for free. At Krome, they must have money on their account before they can access the texting app.

Video calls: It is possible to video chat with loved ones at Krome, BTC and Glades through the Getting Out app. It will tell you the cost of the call when you set it up.

Phone calls: At each facility, your relative or friend will be able to call you, but it is not possible for them to receive inbound calls from you. Calls will cost you $0.09 per minute from Krome and $0.45 per minute from Glades.


Your friend or relative can receive letters from you. You will need to include your return address. You will need to follow the format below.

(Do not send stamps or a stamped self-addressed envelope.)
Glades County Jail
PO Box 39
Moore Haven, FL

(You can send a stamped envelope to Krome.)
Krome Service Processing Center
18201 SW 12th Street
Miami, FL

(You can send a stamped envelope to BTC.)
Broward Transitional Center
3900 N. Powerline Road
Pompano Beach, FL 33073
United States

Can I send packages?

Books can be sent to Krome and BTC. Other items must be approved in advance (watch, ear plugs, etc.).

Books can also be sent to Glades, but Glades requires that the detained person fill out a request for that specific book. It must be approved before you send it. The book must come from Amazon or another book store. Your friend or relative may have to get rid of books they already have before they can receive new ones. You will need to send it to the street address, not the PO Box:

Glades County Jail
1297 E State Road 78
Moore Haven, FL 33471-8955

Can I visit my friend or relative at Krome, BTC or Glades?

Unfortunately, ICE has suspended all visitation due to Covid-19.

How can I get legal assistance for a loved one detained in Florida?

Immigrant Action Alliance is not a law firm, so we can’t offer legal advice. If you are looking for pro-bono legal representation for an immigration case, we recommend contacting Americans for Immigrant Justice. You can contact them at detentionhotline@aijustice.org. From detention, your family member or friend can also contact Americans for Immigrant Justice on the GettingOut app via detentionhotline@aijustice.org.

Additional resources

Freedom for Immigrants Hotline

Freedom for Immigrants maintains a secure hotline for reporting abuse. ICE is not allowed to monitor these calls.

Call: 9233 (from inside detention)

Call: 209-757-3733 (from outside)

Fraihat v. ICE Community Resources

Fraihat v. ICE is a national lawsuit that requires ICE to take a number of important steps to protect medically vulnerable people in its custody from COVID-19, including custody redeterminations for all class members. Learn more here.